About Us

Mommy Soothers was created following the birth of Nicole's niece, Jade Marie. 

Jade's Mommy faced complications many new and seasoned Mothers can relate to such as clogged milk ducts, mastitis, soreness and she wasn't producing enough milk to continue breast feeding. She met with different lactation specialist who were advising her to use a heating pad over her breasts prior to feeding as this would help increase milk let-down and after feedings to use a cold pack as this would help with inflammation and soreness. I thought one trip to our local baby store and her breast feeding issues would be solved, unfortunately it wasn't that easy. I couldn't find a product that could do both and accommodate the breast in the most comfortable way possible. I decided to create, test and patent that product to help Mommy's everywhere enjoy the bond of breast feeding. My product allows hands free heating and cooling and gives you the option to also use while pumping to decrease your time spent pumping for all those busy Mamas. Finally, a heating and cooling pad designed specifically for the breast!! I hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing from you personally.


At Miami's Ultimate Baby Affair 2017
Welcome to our family,
With love, Nicole Vas